7 Fresh Drinks to Say Goodbye to the Summer

August is almost over, and the summer enters its last stretch. After enjoying the sun and suffering mosquitoes for the past few months, it’s almost time to say goodbye. And what better way than throwing one last outdoorsy party full of deliciously fresh drinks?
While classic summer cocktails like daiquiris and piñas coladas are amazing, there’s a lot to say about mocktails. For one, these fresh drinks can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, regardless of age. When organizing a big cookout, you don’t want to worry about tending to every little drink. That’s why all the recipes below should be prepped in pitchers, taking very little time. Still, your guests will love to try out a different drink, and they’ll certainly remember your party.
Here are some of our favorite fresh drinks to bid the summer farewell!

1. Cherry-Infused Dr Pepper™ Punch

A perfect mocktail for those who love Dr Pepper above all else. Many can’t stand the flavor of this classic soda, but those who love it can barely live without it. Besides the soda, you’ll just need cherry juice, ginger ale and ice.
Pamper your Dr Pepper-loving guests with this quick and delish recipe from Tablespoon.

2. Non Alcoholic Sangria


A summer favorite from Spain, there’s a way to get all the fruity deliciousness of sangria without ending up drunk. This version solves the problem of most virgin sangrias, which tend to be too sweet and fruity. Thanks to one magic ingredient, Pinch and Swirl’s version actually tastes of the Marbella summer!

3. Arnold Palmer


This mocktail was created by the golfing legend and for decades it’s been one of the most popular fresh drinks. Widely believed to be equal parts lemonade and iced tea, Mr. Palmer set the record straight in his later years. In fact, a proper Arnold Palmer should be three parts iced tea and one part lemonade. Still, remember that all drinks should be made to fit the bartender’s taste!

4. Ginger-Peach Soda

Is there anything more refreshing than a splash of ginger? This homemade soda is the perfect mix of sweet peaches and spicy ginger. It’s absolutely perfect for any bright afternoon, or even as a brunch drink. You’ll have guests asking for the recipe, which of course comes from Woman’s Day.

5. Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito

Summer is mojito season, and having a “dry” party is no reason to stay away from this Cuban favorite. This version from A Sweet Pea Chef adds raspberries, another favorite from the warm months. You can adjust the number of servings in the page and enjoy this king among fresh drinks.