Barbie’s Last Name Revealed & Mattel Releases Middle Name, Too

We’ve all known Barbie as a mononym, or at most, as Barbie doll. It turns out generations of women around the world have been wrong all along! Unlike Cher, it turns out Mattel’s superstar doll has a full name, including a middle one and a surname. And a full family history!
We are not okay right now. On April 10, the brand’s official Twitter account posted a Siblings Day tweet from Barbie and her sisters. And instead of naming each by name, there was a sly revelation: they’re actually the Roberts sisters!

According to The Mirror, that’s not where the revelations end. Her full name is in fact Barbara Millicent Roberts, while her parents’ names are George and Margaret. Just FYI, Ken’s full name is Kenneth Carson, so now you know.
This may have been officially in the lore for a while: Wikipedia has an entry, though no references. It turns out that Barbie’s dad is an engineer and her mom is a homemaker. Even more random: Margaret has an older sister named Millicent, which is where Barbie gets her middle name.
None of these characters have been released in doll form as of 2018, and they’ve only appeared in books. The story is different for Barbie’s sisters, though. They’ve changed a lot over the course of the year, as some have been discontinued and others added. Skipper has been the most constant, “born” in 1964, although she was still taken off between 2003 and 2010. Stacie has been around since 1990 and Kelly was launched in 1995, later replaced by Chelsea in 2011.
Among the discontinued Roberts siblings are Tutti and Todd, twins and supposedly aged as small school children. Todd has been Barbie’s sole brother to date. Krissy, an infant, was part of Barbie’s family between 1998 and 2001, released as a set with Barbie and Ken.
We mostly think of Barbie as a toy or even a cultural icon, but there’s more than the actual dolls. For nearly 60 years, Mattel has been launching alternative Barbie content, expanding on lore with family and friends. It’s just a matter of looking up what’s what!