Titanic II Ship Will Sail on the Same Route, 110 Years Later

We’ve all seen James Cameron’s Titanic about a gazillion times, and probably made our share of jokes about it. The movie’s cheesy love story aside, the Titanic was one of the great tragedies of the 20th century. It’s been over a century since this so-called unsinkable ship went down after hitting an iceberg, killing over 1,500 people. Now, an Australian cruise company is building a Titanic II ship. And it’s setting sail in 4 years!
Clive Palmer, an Australian millionaire, and former politician has vowed to make a Titanic II ship sail. It will be the flagship of his new company, Blue Star Line. It’s a project that was first announced in 2013, but now it seems to be sailing smoothly, so to speak.
According to the UK’s Standard, the Titanic II ship, currently being built in China, will mix old and new. The ship’s technology will be state-of-the-art while retaining the early 20th-century design. It’ll carry 2,400 passengers and 900 staff members. Just like on the original 1912 voyage, the new one will have first, second and third class. And, on its maiden voyage, it will follow the trail of its big sister.
An earlier iteration of the project, with a different financer, included a simulation of hitting an iceberg. After a considerable (and understandable) amount of criticism, financers scrapped this theme park-style version. Later on, Palmer entered the project and vowed to see the Titanic II ship set sail.
In all, you can be the judge on whether building a Titanic II ship is brilliant or tasteless.

Will the Titanic II Ship sail?

Many have dreamed of rebuilding a majestic Titanic II ship, but the actual construction has been plagued with issues. An endeavor of that magnitude clearly means a lot of manpower, and construction halted in 2015 due to financial issues. It was only last week that Palmer announced the vessel was back on track.
Palmer has quite the “eccentric billionaire” personality in front of media, and many are skeptical about his Titanic II ship. The Guardian reports that most skepticism comes from those familiar with his past business ventures. Among them is a dinosaur theme park in Queensland, Australia, deemed “terrible.”
The Titanic II ship returned to the news this week after Blue Star Lined announced it’d be changing its European HQ. Once in London, the cruise line will now move to Paris due to Brexit.