6 Best Health Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

Chances are one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lead a healthier life, an idea that seems so simple on the outside and yet it’s so hard to do in practice. As your spirits are still up from the rush of entering into a brand new year full of possibilities, why not help yourself out in this department by watching some of the best health-based documentaries Netflix has to offer?

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (2010)

This documentary follows co-director Joe Cross for a 60-day period, as he takes control of his health by going on a diet focused solely on having natural juices, with the help of a nutritionist. The results are astonishing, as he goes from a deeply unhealthy person with obesity and an autoimmune disease to a brand new man.
Although it received mixed reviews when it first came out, it’s still an inspiring piece of film for those who are looking to change their lives around and lead healthier diets, even if you don’t think a juice fast is the way to go for your own journey.

2. Hungry For Change (2012)

The diet industry is partially based on science, but it’s also a business first and foremost, and as such it depends largely on profit and those attaining it. This documentary revolves around the industry, its often corrupt relationship with the government and some of the threads behind the entire machinery. The lesson is simple: strive towards being healthy, but beware of “sure thing” diets.

3. Food Matters (2008)

A thorough look into the idea that “you are what you eat,” this powerful documentary is focused on how leading a healthy diet will help you prevent a number of illnesses, from obvious ones like diabetes and heart disease to others like cancer and even depression.

4. Cooked (2006)

Based on Michael Pollan’s book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, this docu-series, narrated by Pollan himself, recounts the author’s journey learning how to cook different foods. More than focusing on a particular diet, Cooked talks about the culture of food in our society, speaking about what we eat, and how we can strive to do it better. It’s an interesting approach that gets away from your average you-shouldn’t-eat-that way to see things when it comes to the food industry.

5. From Fat To Finish Line (2015)

This documentary follows 12 people who decide to run a 200 miles in hot and humid Florida, and use their time training as a way to get fit and healthy. This is a great film for anyone looking to radically change their habits to become a more active version of themselves. Each of the people involved lost about 100 pounds during the course of the documentary!

6. Super Size Me (2004)

The seminal documentary on how food changes your body, this iconic Morgan Spurlock film follows the director as he eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days, trying out every item on the menu at least once. The results on his body were catastrophic, as not only did he gain a considerable amount of weight, but he also increased his cholesterol quite a bit, experienced fat accumulation on his liver and even went through severe mood swings. You’ll probably end up staying away from those Golden Arches for quite a while.