8 TV Comedies to Binge Watch During the Holidays

How does it sound to ring in 2018 while roaring in laughter, accompanied by some of the funniest characters the small screen has to offer these days?

All of these hilarious shows are still ongoing, so you can use your time off work to catch up with any of them (or as many as you can), before they return for new episodes!

1. Archer. FX (2009-)


An animated series about a private spy agency, Archer is a far-fetched office comedy that works for all the right reasons. Smart, full of pop culture references, increasingly ridiculous jokes and some truly toxic characters, seven seasons of this FX show will feel like a breeze, making you ache for more.

2. BoJack Horseman. Netflix (2014-)

A show about a rich and once-successful TV sitcom actor (who also happens to be half horse), BoJack Horseman goes between the hilarious to the positively depressing. A funny and complex animated series about life, purpose and fulfillment, it’s got the perfect mix of celebrity cameos and dark humor.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fox (2013-)

A cop show and also basically an office comedy, the ongoing mechanics of this police station have remained fresh for five seasons, with quirky characters like Die Hard-obsessed Jake Peralta, overly attached Boyle, gentle giant Terry Jeffords and, of course, ultimate badass Rosa Diaz.

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The CW (2015-)

A romantic comedy musical focused on a woman obsessed with her high school boyfriend, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a reversal of every romantic comedy trope you’ve ever seen, as well as a show about relationships and mental illness. The songs also happen to be hilarious.

5. F is for Family. Netflix (2016-)

In the vein of other current animated shows for grown-ups, F is For Family can at times be pretty depressing, considering it’s about the hardships of family life in a particularly tough era, the 70s. But it’s also filled with politically incorrect humor, including a lot of I-shouldn’t-be-laughing-at-this moments.

6. The Good Place. NBC (2016-)

Ted Danson’s glorious return to comedy TV, this series focuses on Kristen Bell’s Elinor, a woman who dies in the first minutes of the show and is then sent to The Good Place, which is basically heaven. However, she wasn’t supposed to be there, as she was certainly not a good person, so she tries to learn to be better, with a lot of help from the people around her. Be prepared for twists in this one!

7. Rick and Morty. Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) (2013-)

The show that has brought us thousands of memes and some very angry fans demanding their right to McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce, Rick and Morty is mind-bending in its scientific nature, but it’s also not above fart jokes. Perhaps the epitome of these times’ dark humor, this gem will make your face hurt with laughter and your brain ache from overdrive.

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Netflix (2015)

Stemming from a deeply disturbing premise (its star spent 15 formative years inside a bunker because of a mad doomsday cult reverend), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a surprisingly chipper show that deals with resilience, starting over and, yes, eventually even PTSD. It’s also the show that gave us Tituss Andromedon, and that’s always something to be thankful for.