Disney Streaming: CEO Bob Iger Talks Mickey Mouse 2019 Service

This year will mark the end of Disney’s affiliation with Netflix, as the media giant prepares for its own service. Set for a late 2019 release date, Disney streaming seems to be the company’s top priority right now. And Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger has just shed some light on this highly awaited app.
Have you ever had the craving of watching your favorite Disney movie and then failed to find it anywhere? We’ve all been there. With decades worth of production, Disney has dozens of animated films. And more when counting live-action and their other properties like The Muppets, Marvel or Star Wars. So far, their films are scattered across different streaming services. But that might be changing very soon, with a single hub for all things Disney.

Disney streaming

Bob Iger, the company’s CEO since 2005, recently spoke with Variety about the Disney streaming service. And the first thing he said was that it’s the top priority at Mickey Mouse’s home.
Everything is fairly unspecific at this point, but we can expect a few things. First off, Disney streaming will be cheaper than Netflix. As they’re offering less content, their prices will be lower. But that will also mean they’ll focus on bringing lots of new material to the service.
What Disney is doing is completely eliminating the middleman. In an age where an affiliation with cable companies isn’t essential to get content across, the move makes sense. The package should include all Disney content, available 24/7 on demand, without commercials.
Will we be able to find every company classic on the Disney streaming service? One thing we know is that theatrical releases from 2019 onwards will be there exclusively. That includes Marvel movies starting with Captain Marvel as well as Star Wars: Episode 9.
We should hope so. As reported by Cnet, this is the original content coming to the Disney streaming service:
–  A new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the live-action SW show ran by Jon Favreau
– A new Marvel show (no specifics as of yet)
– New series iterations of beloved properties: High School Musical, Monsters, Inc., The Muppets (maybe)
– Adaptations of The Paper Magician and Stargirl
– An Anna Kendrick-led film called Noelle
– A sled dog movie called Togo
– A Timmy Failure film
– Remakes of The Lady and the Tramp and The Sword in the Stone
Although no official name has been provided yet, some refer to the Disney streaming service as Disneyflix or Disney direct-to-consumer. Expect it in late 2019.