Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Ahead, Deadpool Style?

If you were waiting for another reboot of a film property that’s still fairly active, this is your lucky day. Following the footsteps of Spider-Man, Disney is thinking of a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. And the creative minds behind it might be no other than the guys who brought us the Deadpool movies.
Deadline reports that Disney met with writing team Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, the guys behind the hilarious Deadpool films. The discussion centered around the possibility of a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. If this is happening, it’s in very early discussions, and it’s impossible to tell who else will be involved. We don’t even know whether this will be another Jack Sparrow story or if the characters will be different.

Do we need a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot?

Since 2003, Johnny Depp has played Captain Jack Sparrow in five different films. The first one, Curse of the Black Pearl, broke the box office and earned critical acclaim. It even got Depp his first-ever Oscar nod. However, Pirates isn’t what it once was.
In 2017, Depp returned to his beloved role of Jack Sparrow for the fifth film of the franchise. Disney has released Pirates of the Caribbean films fairly consistently for almost 15 years. While the first was a box office and critical smash. Last year’s Dead Men Tell No Tales was the franchise’s lowest-grossing domestically, but still made almost 800 million worldwide.
Even with the relative decline in the last film, Pirates is one of Disney’s most successful properties. It’s no wonder that they’re looking to spin it in a new way, even if it sounds like it’s too early to reboot.

Bringing properties back

Disney’s current angle seems to be focused on rehashing their classics, young and old. This includes live-action remakes of beloved animated properties like the upcoming Aladdin and The Lady and the Tramp. We’ll have to wait and see if this ends up in theaters!