6 Essential Gadgets For Your New Home & How They Can Improve Your Life

Moving is a draining endeavor. You have to pack your entire life in a set of boxes, plan deliveries and moving services, and go through paperwork. It’s a strenuous process that can take up months of your life, so you want to make things as easy as possible in your new place.

Adapting to your new place is difficult enough, and you want everything to run smoothly to feel perfectly at ease as soon as possible. Having a great set of gadgets that help you live a little easier can make all the difference. These fantastic home gadgets can help you turn your new house into a home! 

1. Never Get Burned Again with Safe Grabs

People say that the easiest way to the heart is through the stomach, and we couldn’t agree more. Handy kitchenware can make cooking time endlessly more comfortable, and you’ll find very few products quite as useful as Safe Grabs. An 8-in-one silicone mat, it’s an essential tool with many uses, from a simple placemat to a trivet and even oven mitts. 

Evenly heat your food in the microwave while keeping it moist by covering it with Safe Grabs, and then quickly take it out without any risk of burning your fingers. This item is heat resistant up to 475°F, allowing for a secure grip while you handle hot things. Ergonomically designed for the most comfortable experience during all uses, Safe Grabs is an excellent addition to your cooking and heating experience. It is also 100% BPA Free Silicone, and the material is food-grade and dishwasher safe. If you’re not fully satisfied with Safe Grabs, you can return it hassle-free!

2. Everything at Your Reach with ODii

If you’re a short person who just moved to a home with high shelves, ODii is the gadget for you. Designed to help you reach hidden spots, it’s a 19-inch stick with a flexible claw in the end with the power to hold items of up to 10 pounds. ODii’s patented 3-in-1 design also includes a powerful and detachable 23-inch magnet to make it easier to reach metallic objects. This magnet has a flexible gooseneck to help it fit in the most resilient places and corners, and it can hold up to 2 pounds.

Dark and hidden corners are also no issue, as ODii includes a detachable LED light for those dark and hidden corners. ODii’s powerful and ultra-bright flashlight will help you check under the stove or fridge, precisely reaching what you need. ODii won’t become a hassle, as you can quickly fold it for secure storage. 

As a plus, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee!

3. Become a Tiny Farmer with SeedSheet

Few things say “home” like a beautiful and well-kept plant, yet it seems a lot of us have the gift of killing everything that stems from a seed. The SeedSheet Herb Garden Kit is thought for exactly those people, providing a foolproof way to master the arts of gardening, whether your available space is big or small. 

The SeedSheet kit includes six delicious herbs that will allow you to grow your produce of basil, cilantro, parsley, dill, onion greens, and sorrel. All SeedSheet kits are non-GMO and can work indoors or outdoors.

This gardening kit includes everything you need: the SeedSheet, BPA-free gardening container, and a saucer. Never forget to care for your plants by downloading the SeedSheet app, which will let you know when you should water them and when they’re edible.

Impress your house guests with the freshest ingredients in meals and drinks. The freshest lemonades and mojitos await!

4. Party on with TikiTunes

Organizing a cookout for your housewarming party? Let your playlist come out of the coolest speaker in the market: TikiTunes. A wireless Bluetooth speaker shaped like a Tiki torch, it’s the best addition to any indoor or outdoor party. A visually stunning device, TikiTunes easily becomes a conversation piece during gatherings. Get two and place them as lamps for an incredible effect – the warm LED light flickers just like fire!

The best part of TikiTunes is that it provides genuinely fantastic sound, perfect to set up the ambiance of your next party. The sound quality will mesmerize you! Just leave it on and don’t worry about draining battery: the 2000 mAh rechargeable battery can go on for 6 to 10 hours.

TikiTunes is very easy to use, with large buttons with straightforward buttons, allowing everyone to be the DJ of the party. Connect it wirelessly with any Android or iOS device and let the music play!

5. Extinguish Fires Easily with Cocoon Fire Blanket

The better part of accidents occur at home, and that includes fires. Most home fires stem from cooking, heating, electrical distribution, and lighting heating – all common in any home.

Whether cooking, using an old heater during winter, or who knows what else, you need to have a preventive safety net. Most people don’t know how to use a fire extinguisher, and acting fast is critical during a fire. Skip the complications of having to overthink during an emergency with the Cocoon Fire Blanket.

Cocoon is a fire safety blanket that allows you to think fast when a fire suddenly springs up in your home. Throw the sheet over the flames and avoid harm to yourself and your loved ones. Cocoon is a lightweight blanket that will allow you to act quickly and without hassle, effectively keeping the fire from spreading and lowering heat. As a plus, there’s no maintenance required once you’ve used Cocoon!

6. Fast Internet Forever with SuperBoost WiFi Extender

Whether you work from home or want to stream in HD at full throttle, a fast connection is essential for any new house. Few things in life are quite as angering as a slow connection, yet most Internet providers throttle the bandwidth to make it slower over time, forcing you into buying expensive packages you shouldn’t need. The SuperBoost WiFi Extender allows you to be one step ahead, keeping your connection fast and furious.

Besides extending your WiFi connection further within your home, the SuperBoost reconnects the channels providers split from the router. That way, instead of getting a “split” connection that only moves half as quickly, you get the full power it was always meant to have.

SuperBoost works with any WiFi router, and it also allows you to protect who has access to it. This way, everyone can work, play, or stream at the same time without issue!

Set up the house of your dreams by adding exceptional items that make the transition a lot easier. These gadgets will help you ease your way into this new place by keeping you prepared for everyday life, emergencies, and even house parties. Welcome to your new home!