With a New Year come a set of resolutions to fulfill. On 2019, January 1st also came with Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, whose organizing practices are inspiring people around the world. However, many dread that their efforts in getting organized in 2019 will come to nothing, as it so often happens with New Year’s resolutions. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of steps to follow to improve your organizational skills in 2019!
Whether you work a full-time job, do freelance work or are a stay-at-home parent, you may feel that there isn’t enough time for anything. Getting organized in 2019 can be the best thing you do for yourself this year, even if it just seems like a productivity hack!

1. Look at your daily routine

Over the course of a week, start noticing everything you do during the course of the day. Look at your routine with a critical eye. Do you take hours performing activities that could last a few minutes? What can you do to streamline the little things occurring in your life?
Write down your impressions becoming aware of your daily routine, and strategize based on that.

2. Become aware of your cycles

When do you feel most energetic? Find your productivity magic hour, which is to say, when you work best. Focus the tasks that require the most of you for that time, to make the best out of your body’s schedule. You won’t get more work done by staring blankly into your computer when your brain has already been drained!
When you know your energy or even intellectual levels aren’t optimal, focus on tasks that require less of you. These can go from replying to emails to even doing the laundry or cleaning up around the house.

3. Write everything down

Here’s a “secret” that seems obvious: the road to getting organized in 2019 starts in writing. Whether you have a planner, an app or even just a little notebook, it’s essential to declutter your brain. Write down your to-do’s for the day, upcoming appointments, and anything pestering you.

4. Prep ahead

This may seem like a drag, but once you’ve allocated time for it, your body will thank you. Whether it’s using a Saturday afternoon to prep meals for the week or just separating the clothes you’ll wear the night before, thinking of future you pays off.

5. Take baby steps

Whether you’re looking to organize your time better or declutter your spaces, you won’t succeed overnight. Be patient with yourself: it’s easy to take a crash diet approach to getting organized in 2019. It might take you weeks or even a few months to settle into a pace that works for you.

6. Turn your calendar into your best friend

Add everything you need to your calendar: appointments, reminders, even vacation time. You may choose a calendar on paper or one from an app, but make sure all the information is in one single place. Otherwise, you could easily lose track of things because they’re not easily visible!

7. Prioritize pending tasks

Figure out which tasks are truly essential to your day, and focus on finishing those before anything else. You might want to start with what’s toughest; that way, everything from then on should be smoother!