21 Essential Home Tools and Devices to Keep Your Home Clean and Germ-Free

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe and healthy. And one of the best ways to do that is by maintaining a clean and sanitized environment for everyone in your household to thrive. However, you also want to get the best bang for your buck and avoid spending too much. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best home sanitizing products for you!

If you have children at home, you know they’re more likely to become sick, as schools can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Keep them safe by cleaning surfaces and your household environment clean with the products below, which we’ve separated in different categories.

Soaps and Detergents

The most crucial cleaning items out there!

1. MyGreenFills – Hand Soap

The road to healthiness often begins with something as simple as clean hands, and the MyGreenFills Hand Soap is a great place to start. The best way to fight illness and infection is by keeping your hands clean, and it’s essential to do so with a soap that will also keep them hydrated. A wholly organic product, this hand soap is not only a great cleaner, but its aloe vera-based formula also takes care of your skin. 

MyGreenFills is an all-American brand made in Michigan with a focus on eco-consciousness, so you can rest assured that you won’t be endangering your family with harmful chemicals. As a plus, the MyGreenFills Hand Soap is fully scent-free and lacking in added fragrances, making it an even safer product in households with allergic family members.

2. Foamatic – Automatic Foam Dispenser

If you’re looking to keep yourself extra safe by not even touching the soap dispenser, the Foamatic Automatic Foam Dispenser is the product for you. Created especially for those who want to go above and beyond in protecting themselves against harmful chemicals, it’s easier to use and more effective than competing products. This automatic soap dispenser was created with high-quality contact-free technology, ensuring you won’t have to touch its surface at any time. 

Foamatic requires four AAAA batteries to function, and it’s one of the best investments you can make for your family’s health. Add your favorite liquid soap and mix it with a little water and then press the power button to switch it on. Then, simply place your hand under the dispenser about 2 ½ inches away from the sensor and wash your hands!

3. MyGreenFills – Laundry Soap

From the same company that brought you the aloe vera hand soap above, the MyGreenFills Laundry Soap is an essential item for any household. This laundry wash adheres to the company’s toxic-free policy, and it contains solely reliable and natural components. Too often, we simply buy the cheapest laundry soap in the supermarket without checking what the ingredients are, ultimately filling our clothes, towels, and linens with chemicals that have no business touching our bodies. MyGreenFills is here to provide an affordable solution to this issue.

The brand’s laundry soap comes with eco-friendly packaging: instead of buying jugs every few weeks, you can buy one enduring one and then refill it, lowering your home’s plastic waste. And it works, expertly taking out stains and softening your laundry by neutralizing hard water by the end of the rinse cycle. Plus, its aromatherapy-based formula will leave your clothes smelling their best.

4. SaniWash Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing machines are essential, as our health can often depend on being surrounded by clean linens and towels. Unfortunately, we often forget to wash these home electronics as much, which can decrease their capacity for cleaning and shorten their lifespans. The SaniWash Washing Machine Cleaner presents a fantastic solution to this problem, keeping your machine working at a high pace and for many years to come!

The natural formula allows users to sit back and enjoy themselves while SaniWash does all the work. All you need to do to keep your washer clean and healthy is run one SaniWash tablet and have your machine perform one cycle. This potent cleaner will smoothly eliminate all accumulated dirt and grease, plus any bad smells that may have been growing inside. And it’s easy to use and compatible with all washing machines!


Commonly used surfaces are a hotspot for germs and viruses, but not everyone knows quite how to clean them. The products below can help you!

5. ScreenKlean by Carbon Klean

Phones, tablets, and eReaders are some of our most heavily used items, and we’re always touching them after who knows what. Screens can end up full of gunk and dirt, creating a breeding ground for germs. ScreenKlean is the best way to keep your devices free of smudges and bacteria. This useful little contraption works with patented carbon-based and electrically charged nanotech, which removes stubborn dirt particles without leaving any blemishes or scratches. Plus, whether you just took your ScreenKlean out of the box or you’ve owned it for months, you’ll get the same pristine screen.

Clean your screens without submitting them to harsh chemicals or sprays that could damage your device. Lift oil, dirt, fingerprint marks, and fight bacteria, all in one single wipe.

6. RugTron – Cordless Electric Mop

A mop is a cleaning supply in any household, but there’s no need to stick around with an old version that doesn’t quite do the trick. The RugTron Cordless Electric Mop is an elegant solution to the issue of surface cleaning, bringing electrical power to your regular mopping routine. Working on long-lasting batteries, the RugTron’s quality microfiber pad can rotate 120 times per minute, upping the mopping game like you never thought possible. Unlike other electric mops, it’s effortless to use, so even the people who usually battle with vacuum cleaners will be able to use it smoothly.

Another great advantage to the RugTron is that it allows for quiet cleaning so that you won’t be disturbing your family members or neighbors with it. Move it around seamlessly thanks to its ergonomic design, including a flexible rotating mop head that’s perfect for those hard-to-reach spots!

7. BambooFresh – Reusable Towels

BambooFresh towels absorb better than regular paper towels

Cleaning high-use surfaces often is a great way to ensure a healthy and bacteria-free home, but all efforts will be futile if the rags are dirty and carrying their own set of germs. The BambooFresh Reusable Towels present the best solution at the face of cotton or microfiber towels that retain dirt or spend hundreds of dollars on paper towels. These towels offer all the upsides of traditional and modern rags (namely, usability) and the cleanliness of paper towels, without having to spend extra or add waste to our environment.

BambooFresh takes its name from the extra-fine and top-grade bamboo fibers that comprise them. They look, feel, and perform just like paper towels without having to throw them out at the end of each use. After each use, wash them and dry them out naturally and notice how they gather no funky smells. It’s an environmentally friendly way to keep your surfaces clean!

8. Brushly – Non-Stick Silicone Wonder

Due to obvious reasons, bathrooms, and specifically toilet bowls, are one those household areas that need frequent cleaning, yet brushes are often visually unpleasant. Cleaning brushes can really throw off the balance of your carefully decorated bathroom, but there’s no need to skip design when you’re cleaning anymore. The Brushly Non-Stick Silicone Wonder is the perfect brush for people who want to maintain clean surfaces without having to sacrifice looks.

Designed as a decoration piece as well as a toilet brush, don’t get fooled by the pretty appearance: Brushly can get the work done. Easy to fit in any corner due to its small size, it performs deep cleaning in hard-to-reach places. Brushly’s thermoplastic rubber captures dirt gently, allowing for easy cleaning with just a bit of water. And all of this with a comfortable and non-slip handle design. Who would’ve thought a toilet brush could be this slick?

9. DrillClean – Drill Brush (Heavy Duty)

A thorough scrub is essential when it comes to having spotless surfaces, yet doing it by hand can be an exhausting task. The DrillClean Drill Brush is the first step towards pristine clean surfaces of all sorts, providing you with electrical power and firm bristles to withstand multiple cleaning sessions. An attachment to your home drill, it’s a stiff brush with nylon bristles that will allow you to clean difficult areas without damaging your surfaces. It’s particularly well-equipped for bathroom surfaces, including tubs, floors, sinks, tiles, and more. If you’re having issues with hard-to-clean grout, this is the appliance for you.

Perfectly designed to allow anyone to clean comfortably and without having to strain themselves, the DrillClean brush is an essential addition to any household.

Purifiers and Filters

Keep your air and water clean with these fantastic purifiers below.

10. ChildSafe Mask

Whether you have a child who’s particularly vulnerable to contamination or you simply live in a loud and polluted city and want to protect them from pollution, face masks are critical for many parents. Yet, understandably, children aren’t very keen on wearing them, as they can be uncomfortable and not very visually pleasing. ChildSafe Mask is the perfect solution when it comes to protecting picky children from contamination. These face masks are made with high-quality materials, meeting standards of KN90 Protection, recommended for children’s use. What’s more, this is a mask that caters to safety from bacteria and viruses and does it with style.

The ChildSafe Mask is fun, comfortable, soft, and reusable, and it comes in kid-friendly designs for the smallest members of the household. Let your kid choose between the Pink Kitty, Camo, Pink Doggy, Doggy, and Mixed face masks, and feel safer outside!

11. BreatheGreen – Charcoal Purifying Bag

It is said that unclean air indoors can be far more damaging to allergy-prone people than the air outside, even in the springtime. Mold and dust mites are some of the biggest culprits in this arena, yet there are so many things in our homes that could be causing throats to itch and noses to drip, including kitchen smoke, inadequate air circulation, and pet dander. Air filters are becoming increasingly popular, and BreatheGreen is one of the best options you’ll find on the market. A completely natural product, the BreatheGreen purifiers are small bags full of bamboo charcoal, an excellent organic product that can help you overcome odors and allergens.

When your BreatheGreen package comes through the door, leave the purifiers in the sun for about two hours, allowing the charcoal to activate. Then, place the bags around 90 feet away from allergens and notice the difference!

12. Blaux In-Home – Air Filter

Maintaining a clean environment at home is hard, mainly because no matter how thorough you are at cleaning, there are always little particles you can’t quite see. Hard-to-reach places can quickly become corners of dust, and regular air filters just aren’t enough. What sets the Blaux In-Home Air Filter apart is that it takes the concept of the traditional filter and goes beyond for a high-tech version. It cleans, deodorizes, and washes the air you breathe in with a safe yet powerful ionizer.

The process of how this filter works is pretty impressive. As an ionizer, it applies voltage to a series of built-in needles in the device, which creates a process that ends up with Blaux In-Home electrons attaching to air molecules, forming negatively charged ions that attach to positively-charged harmful particles like pet dander and dust. The particles become denser and drop to the floor, leaving your air clean!

13. Pure – Air Purifier

We cannot stress enough how important air quality is to keep your home clean and safe. One of our favorite products to maintain a healthy environment is the Pure Air Purifier, a plug-and-play device you won’t even notice is there. These small and discrete purifiers combat the strongest odors in your home without adding a single harmful chemical to the air you’re breathing. The combination of activated oxygen and ionization is the secret behind this handy device, which also happens to have one of the easiest setups in the market. 

The new technology behind Pure allows for a far more seamless experience, cleaning the air without using needles, metal strips, or needing expensive replacement filters. It also removes toxins from the air and takes germs, bacteria, and putrid odors with fresh air molecules.

Portable Gadgets

Carry these fantastic gadgets in your car or during a trip to always have a clean and healthy environment!

14. MobileKlean – Portable UV Sanitizer

Thinking of all the germs, viruses, and bacteria around us can drive anyone crazy. You’re far more likely to pick up an infection from a dirty computer, smartphone, or controller than any other way. It can seem impossible to sanitize every single item – but having the MobileKlean Portable UV Sanitizer with you can certainly improve cleanliness. The great thing about this gadget is how it can get rid of all sorts of microorganisms that can’t see with the naked eye, including viruses, pathogens, and bacteria. 

MobileKlean can become your line of defense against those microorganisms lying everywhere. Just open it and direct its UV light to any surface, about 6 inches away for 20 seconds – and presto!

15. SHINE Bathroom – Auto Toilet Cleaner

Understandably, toilet bowls are perhaps the dirtiest things in any home. They can also be pretty annoying to clean, as they require exhaustive cleansing pretty often, forcing you to get into an uncomfortable position that can lead to backaches. The SHINE Bathroom Auto Toilet Cleaner serves as an incredible assistant for anyone looking to clean delicate surfaces exhaustively. This handful gadget not only automatically cleans your toilet, but it also deodorizes it – and it’s all done in an entirely chemical-free process. You can easily install SHINE in just 2 minutes and get a 6-month rechargeable battery, plus water tracking on the premium version.

A comfortable and elegant alternative to spending hours each day scrubbing your toilet bowl clean, SHINE has a 90-day money-back guarantee!

16. SmartSanitizer Pro

At every turn of the day, we’re always on our phones, whether we’re quietly watching TV at home or running errands all over town. That means that whatever microorganisms we pick up with our hands end up on our phone screens, which can then end up on your faces, leading to disease. That is, unless you have the SmartSanitizer Pro Phone Sanitizer on your corner, keeping your device virus and bacteria-free at all times.

Using high-frequency UV light technology, the SmartSanitizer cleans your phone by cleaning all bacteria and viruses from its surface without having to endanger your device in any way. It attacks the cell walls of microorganisms and renders them unable to reproduce, eliminating all harm at once. Simply put your smartphone under the UV light for 30 seconds or so and go about your day, disease-free!

17. UV Cleanizer Zoom 

Your home should be your haven, and inside it, no place should be (and feel) safer than the comfort of your bed. Unfortunately, sheets and pillows can easily be a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. Keep all the bedsheets of your household utterly free of microorganisms by cleaning them with UV Cleanizer Zoom. With a design that looks like the tiny version of a robotic vacuum cleaner, this useful gadget uses UV-C rays to kill germs quickly and efficiently. Due to its small size, it’s also highly portable, allowing you to keep the same level of cleanliness wherever you go, even budget roadside hotels.  

The UV Cleanizer Zoom is the brainchild of Infection Prevention Technologies, a well-established company specializing in bacterial cleaning devices for quite some time. It kills 99.99% of all germs and also works on surfaces other than beds and sheets. Stay safe!

18. SonicWash – The Ultimate Cleaning Device

SonicWash presents a fascinating way to perform in-depth cleaning, utilizing ultrasonic technology to remove dirt, mud, pollen, and more. This compact device allows you to save time, water, energy, and ultimately money in cleaning supplies and harmful chemicals that could be poisoning the air your family breathes every day. What’s more, SonicWash can be used to clean just about everything in your household. Some items include laundry (even delicates like lingerie, lace, and hand wash-only fabrics), razors, and other personal hygiene tools, watches, jewelry, and other accessories, toys, baby items, and even fruits and vegetables. All with one device!

A washing machine based on ultrasonic technology, its waves travel through water to clean at the microscopic level. It only uses 10% of the energy and 2% of the water you’d use with a conventional washing machine, with extra thorough cleaning, in a portable and flexible package.

19. GermCide X

As you take them with you everywhere you go, your high-use everyday items get a lot of exposure to bacteria, germs, and even viruses. You don’t always have the time or space to carry a can of disinfectant with you – not to mention the impact those things can have on the environment once you’ve finished using them. GermCide X is just the solution to keep your mind at ease, without having to worry about all those germs we come into contact all the time. 

One of the most easy-to-carry portable UV cleaners on the market, GermCide X can be used on all kinds of items, including smart devices, remotes, gaming controllers, keys, and more, protecting them for up to 24 hours. Fast, effective, and built to last, this fantastic little gadget is 100% safe on your devices and your skin.

20. AquaClean – Water Quality Tester

Water is life. It’s essential to consume a good deal of water every day, and the only way to keep yourself safe is making sure that it’s clean and drinkable. The AquaClean Water Quality Tester was invented for just this purpose. A portable water tester you can take with you on any trip abroad, this qualified tester allows you to ensure you have clean water wherever you go. It’ll quickly detect dangerous contamination in any source of water you’re checking, giving you fast results. Its titanium alloy probe can accurately measure water purity without being affected by magnetic interference.

Whether you’re traveling to a place for the first time and want to recheck water quality, or you’re just looking to keep home water safe, AquaClean is an excellent solution. It has a service life of 1-3 years and is also suitable for aquariums, swimming pools, hot tubs, more.

21. Magic Brush – Hidden Spot Vacuum 

Vacuum cleaners are an essential electrical appliance in any household, yet sometimes we feel it’s not enough. They’re great to smooth out carpets and other surfaces, ultimately improving your home’s air quality, but they seem like too much for smaller areas. For example, computer keyboards can get very dirty due to constant use, and the particles between the keys can be very difficult to dust off. The Magic Brush Hidden Spot Vacuum was created just with those small yet critical areas in mind. A small vacuum attachment, it’s perfect to dust around small and fragile objects without moving them.

Reach dust and dirt particles that seemed impossible before, with a subdued version of the power of a vacuum cleaning, without damaging your item. Magic Brush comes in a set alongside a universal adapter so you can use it with any vacuum!