4 Tips to Keep Your Home and Environment Clean During COVID-19

Wondering how to keep your home clean and disinfected during the scary times of COVID-19? There are a lot of fake remedies going around during these times, and we must stay informed and take every precaution while also being conscious about how to move forward.

Except for essential workers everywhere, we’re all spending most of our time at home, only going out for specific things, like buying groceries and walking the dog. As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, many have become paranoid regarding the virus, overwashing their hands and homes. And, while it’s vital to take this situation seriously, staying calm and not caving into panic is also essential. 

Here are our most essential tips to keep homes safe in the times of COVID-19!

1. Use Gloves

We’ve all heard and read it everywhere: the best way to prevent contagion is by keeping our hands clean. Use gloves to keep from touching possibly infected surfaces with your hands, and remove them as fast as you finish cleaning.

2. Focus on Surfaces

The primary way of COVID-19 transmission is through person-to-person contact. However, the virus can linger on surfaces. Depending on the material, this can be either hours or even days, which is why cleaning thoroughly is crucial. This is particularly important whenever a member of the household has just been outside, as caution is critical when faced with the risk of contagion.

High-use surfaces should be the main focus of all cleaning sessions. Some of the areas you should be paying closest attention to include tables, handles, toilets, sinks, light switches, countertops, keyboards, and doorknobs. You should also pay extra attention to portable items like cellphones, remotes, and gaming console controllers. 

The best way to clean is by starting simple, with soap or detergent and water. There’s no need to overdo it, and you can be as thorough as you usually would on cleaning day. Once you’ve removed dirt this way, it’s time to disinfect. You can use the household disinfectant of your choosing. The most commonly used ones are sprays or wipes, but with the current panic, there’s a chance you’ll have trouble finding those in stores. You can apply a solution of 1% bleach with water or 70% alcohol solution. UNICEF discourages the use of natural products like vinegar to disinfect.

3. Keep Rags Clean

Some people choose to shift entirely to disposable towels when cleaning during the pandemic, and that’s fine, but also unnecessary. You can wash rags with the dishwater or the washing machine at the highest temperature after using them.

4. Mind Clothes

We still don’t know for sure how long the virus can linger on fabric. However, clothes will often have pieces of plastic or metal attached, and we know COVID-19 can survive up to days in these materials. Whenever you go out, immediately take out clothes as close to the front door as possible. Also, remove your shoes and disinfect them as soon as you enter.