8 Tips & Practices to Declutter Your Home Like a Pro

It’s a fact of life: the longer you live somewhere, the more things you end up accumulating. And while that translates to many a fulfilling item, it also means filling your life with junk. Whether you’re inspired by watching Marie Kondo, you need to simplify your belongings due to a move, or you want to upgrade your spring cleaning, decluttering will bring you a lot of peace! 

Messy spaces full of useless things stress us out without us noticing. It’s essential to have an excellent decluttering session at least once a year. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to do that!

1. Set Goals

What do you want your home to look like after this process is over? Make a list of the areas where you’d like to put your focus. Even better: list junk-removal priorities by sector. 

2. Check Expiration Dates

We all buy things we think we’ll use some time and then never do. From exotic sauces to medication, if you’ve been living in this place for a while, there’s a good chance you have a few expired items. Off they go, no use for them here!

3. The One-Year Rule

This one is such a classic that there’s even a How I Met Your Mother episode dedicated to it: if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. This can be anything from an old pair of boots to a bean bag from your college years.

4. See if it Works

We have a lot of things lying around the house that may have stopped functioning for a while. See if the item functions and, if it doesn’t, ask yourself if it’s worth fixing or if it just needs to get out of your life.

5. Categorize

It’s essential to create a standard under which you’ll sort your belongings. One of the most popular ones is the box system. The basic version consists of sorting everything into three boxes: what stays, what goes, and what goes into storage. You can create subcategories of the “what goes” box by specifying what will go in the trash, what gets recycled, or what you’ll be donating.

6. Donate

Look up nearby churches, associations, or any place that might receive donations of the kind of thing you won’t be using anymore.

7. Have a Garage Sale

Few things scream summer as much as a garage sale. Once you’ve set out the things you won’t be needing, you might make a few extra money from them. If you’re not a big fan of yard sales, post your stuff on a website like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or on your social media. 

8. Sleep On It!

It may sound like your mother’s advice, but it works. After a full day of cleaning, things won’t make a lot of sense. Decompress and leave decision-making for a new day, and you’ll see things from a better perspective!